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Welcome to iCookbook! Keep reading to learn about the features that will help you get the most out of your iCookbook experience.

With thousands of recipes at your fingertips, how do you choose? Explore recipes simply by swiping to the right and browsing the categories: Dish, Ingredient, Theme, Cuisine, Occasion and Brand. Try the Dish filter to look for specific parts of a meal. Start with the Ingredient filter to search for recipes using ingredients you have on hand. Search for casseroles, kid-friendly dishes, 30-minute recipes and more using the Theme filter. Use the Cuisine filter to browse ethnic favorites. Try the Occasion filter to find seasonal selections and recipes for holiday gatherings. Use the Brand filter to search for recipes by brand-name ingredients. Recent helps you keep track of your browsing history and Top Rated shows you recipes that have been highly rated by other users. Touch the category name or the down arrow to see additional subcategories to narrow your search. Touch a subcategory to view all the recipes. To limit your search, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal a panel with additional filters. Select as many additional filters as you want to find the perfect recipe.

Not sure what to make? Looking for inspiration? Try using the Stir function after you’ve selected filters to shuffle your search results. Touch the Stir button found in the bottom filter panel to shuffle the recipes in a random order. Touch the spoon icon to shuffle again.

Recipe Page
When you find a recipe that you’d like to see in more detail, tap the photo or title. In addition to ingredients, preparation steps and a photo, the Recipe Page view gives you an estimate of difficulty, time required, theme, servings, nutrition information and cost per serving. Press words or numbers in white under these items pops up additional information. You can also rate a recipe by pressing on the stars (1 to 5 stars).

In the Prepare feature, the preparation steps are the focus. Set in large print, the preparation steps are visible from a safe distance away from potential cooking messes. Swipe to the right from the Recipe Page to view the Prepare steps.

When you’re in a recipe detail, swipe up from the bottom to view the Tools menu. It contains handy Conversions and Substitutions lists for quick reference, along with a button to add the recipe to your My Favorites list.


Note: iCookbook captures data about the use of the application to help us to understand how we can make the application better, we do not gather any personal data.


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