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Hewlett-Packard’s recent decision to contribute webOS software to the open source community has caused the iCookbook team to evaluate the viability of the platform’s future. At this time we have made the choice not to provide any updates or new recipe collections for our app in the webOS App Catalog. We will continue to respond to customer service requests for all active users and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

webOS User Guide

Welcome to iCookbook! Keep reading to learn about the features that will help you get the most out of your iCookbook experience.


With thousands of recipes at your fingertips, how do you choose? Use the Explore feature to find the perfect recipe. Explore using one of the filters: Dish, Ingredient, Theme, Cuisine, Occasion or Brand, or combine filters to narrow your search. The Filters Selected section of the Explore panel shows all of the filters that you’ve selected; touch the red X button to remove a filter.

Try the Dish filter to look for specific parts of a meal. Start with the Ingredient filter to search for recipes using ingredients you have on hand. Search for casseroles, kid-friendly dishes, 30-minute recipes and more using the Theme filter. Use the Cuisine filter to browse ethnic favorites. Try the Occasion filter to find seasonal selections and recipes for holiday gatherings. Use the Brand filter to search for recipes by brand-name ingredients. Collections will show you the packs of recipes that you’ve purchased from the Store and Monthly Features will show you the free monthly updates that you’ve downloaded and the updates that are available for download. Recently Viewed helps you keep track of your browsing history.


Not sure what to make? Looking for inspiration? Use the Stir function to see a random selection of nine recipes. Touch the Stir button to activate the feature and see nine random recipes. Touch the spoon icon to see nine more; repeat as desired. Try using Stir after you’ve selected filters to narrow down your search results to nine recipes. Touch the Stir button again to turn off the feature and to view the entire recipe collection.

Recipe Page

When you find a recipe that you’d like to see in more detail, tap the image or title. In addition to ingredients, preparation steps and a photo, the Recipe Page view gives you an estimate of difficulty and cost per serving, and allows you to scale certain recipes up or down depending on your desired serving size. If a recipe can be scaled, + and buttons will appear next to the yield. Simply tap the buttons to scale the recipe up or down. Note that scaling is only reflected in the ingredients list; ingredient amounts in the preparation steps do not change. Recipes have not been tested for scaling. Use the My Notes area to jot down comments and notes, which are saved with each recipe.

Also from this screen, you can use the buttons at the top to add the recipe to your My Recipe Box and/or Meal Builder, tell your Facebook friends about it, e-mail it, add all of the ingredients to your Shopping List and, of course, make the recipe! When you’re ready to cook, touch the Prepare button.


In the Prepare feature, the preparation steps are the focus. Set in large print, the preparation steps are visible from a safe distance away from potential cooking messes. Touch the steps in the left column to change between steps or swipe within the center panel. To view the ingredients, pull them in from the right side.

Add Recipe

Touch the Add Recipe button in the top right corner of Recipe view, My Recipe Box and Meal Builder to open a form where you can enter your own personal favorites. First of all, give your recipe a name and enter it in the Recipe Title field. Then decide how many servings it makes and enter the number into the Servings field. To enter ingredients, start with quantity. Enter whole numbers (1, 2, etc.), fractions (1/2, 1/4, etc.) or decimals (.125, 1.75, etc.); then choose a unit (cup, tablespoon, pound, etc.) if needed, and enter your item name (apples, ground beef, etc.); finally, select the aisle of the supermarket where you’ll find the ingredient so that when you add your recipe to your shopping list you’ll be able to see your ingredients sorted by aisle. After you are finished with each ingredient, touch the Add button and your ingredient will be added to the list.

Use the Preparation Steps List to add directions to your recipe. Type in step 1 and touch Add; your directions will be added to the list. Continue until all of your steps have been added. At the bottom of the form you can add a Time and Dish, Theme, Cuisine and Occasion filters so that your recipe will be searchable.

Touch the Save button at the top to save your recipe and send it to My Recipe Box. You can remove your recipe from My Recipe Box by touching the red X button. This does not delete your recipe; it simply removes it from this view.

To edit a recipe that you’ve added, open the recipe and touch the Edit button at the top right of the screen. To edit an ingredient, simply touch it and make your changes. When you’re done, touch the Done button. Touch a preparation step to select it; make your edits and then touch Done. When you’re done with all of your changes, touch Save.

My Recipe Box

Add your favorite recipes that you’ve made, and also recipes that you’d like to try, to My Recipe Box by touching the star icon. Recipes that you’ve added will automatically go here as well. Touch My Recipe Box again to exit this view and return to viewing all recipes.

Meal Builder

Use the place setting icon to send recipes to Meal Builder, a blank canvas for planning meals. Plan one day at a time, one week at a time or use the space to plan special holiday meals. To remove a recipe from Meal Builder, simply touch the red X button. Touch Meal Builder again to exit this view and return to viewing all recipes.


The Tools menu contains handy Conversions and Substitutions lists for quick reference, along with the Shopping List and Timers.

Shopping List

What did that recipe call for again? Avoid that question by adding all of the ingredients in a recipe to the Shopping List, or add ingredients for multiple recipes. View the list sorted by recipe or by ingredient, which will show your list organized by location in the store. You can even add your own grocery items to the list; now you won’t get home and realize you’ve forgotten toothpaste.


Set up to three Timers at once through the Tools menu. Set timers are indicated in the top bar as a clock icon with a number; when the timer is hidden, touch the clock icon to view it.


Visit the Store to download your Free Monthly Updates and browse Collections of additional recipes for purchase. Curated by our editors, Collections are themed packs of recipes that will enhance your iCookbook experience. Also, be sure to check back regularly for free recipe downloads. Tap the Visit Our Cookbook Store to be whisked away to our online bookstore where you can shop for cookbooks the old-fashioned way.


Note: iCookbook captures data about the use of the application to help us to understand how we can make the application better, we do not gather any personal data.


Release Notes

Initial Release of iCookbook for webOS v1.0.2

We are proud to release iCookbook on the HP webOS ...