iCookbook™ for Android device

The iCookbook™ application for Android devices is the only cooking app and recipe app that an everyday cook will ever need. Developed by Publications International, Ltd., which publishes and sells more than 9 million cookbooks a year, the iCookbook™ app includes more than 2,000 recipes selected by accredited food editors and nutritionists. All of the recipes come from family-friendly food brands that you know and trust. Each recipe can be made with easy-to-find ingredients, has been kitchen-tested, and includes a beautiful full-color picture of the completed dish.

The iCookbook™ app does much more than just enable home cooks to choose from professional kitchen-tested recipes that they can prepare with confidence. Here is a list of the iCookbook™ features:

  • Intuitive visual interface. Cooks can view photos for easy recipe selection.
  • Stir. Press this button and iCookbook™ offers a selection of recipes based on a search or filter criteria.
  • Prepare. This provides an enhanced display of a recipe a cook can read at a distance from your mobile device.
  • My Recipe Box. Enables a cook to create a set of iCookbook™ favorite recipes for easy retrieval.
  • Connectivity. Go directly to Facebook or an email provider for easy recipe sharing with family and friends.
  • Personal Notes. Record your ideas and comments about the iCookbook™ recipes. An ideal function for rating your recipes.
  • Kitchen Tools. Multiple timers, substitution lists, and conversion charts.
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Android Phone

Landing Screen (Phone)

Recipe List (phone)

Detail View (Phone)

Prepare Mode (Phone)

Explore (Phone)

Store (Phone)

Tools List (Phone)

Android Tablet

Landing Screen (Tablet)

Recipe Grid (Tablet)

Detail View (Tablet)

Prepare Mode (Tablet)

Explore (Tablet)

Store (Tablet)

Tools List (Tablet)