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Your source for great-tasting recipes and ideas to make your family mealtime even more special. At Butterball we think cooking should be an enjoyable experience! Get easy access to great recipes, information on turkey tips, how-to videos, upcoming Butterball promotions, and more. Butterball is the most recognized Turkey brand, and has been bringing people together for over 60 years. This app features nutritional information, how-to videos, conversion and substitution charts, plus Butterball’s handy cooking calculator to plan perfect portions, guarantee proper defrost, and cook times needed for your Thanksgiving Day turkey.


Hundreds of recipes

We’ve got you covered for every meal. Recipes and tips for appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts are all in one place, ready for weeknight family dinners or Thanksgiving feasts.

Cooking tools

Access to how-to videos, calculators, conversion charts, and substitution lists.

Shop smart

With dozens of delicious ways to use leftover turkey, Butterball Cookbook Plus will help you stretch your dollar further.

Easy organization

Filter recipes by course, product, and more. Bookmark and add notes to your favorites for quick and easy access.


Simple sharing

Send recipes through Facebook and Twitter, or email a recipe to your friends, family, and fellow turkey lovers.


Eat smart

Easy access to nutritional information and suggested serving sizes.


Save money

Enjoy frequent promotional offers from Butterball and its trusted partners!


  • Beautiful Images and Delicious Recipes

  • Easy to Follow Directions Displayed

  • Navigation Menu for Options

  • Easy Search And Filter Recipes

  • Includes Helpful Conversion Charts

  • Make Your Own Recipe Notes

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